symbioose music
Text: Jan Schöne
Komp.: Jan Schöne

Accept my love
and I will stay
don't take your wings
and fly away
oh no, our love will last forever

Take my heart
and I'll be yours
don't let me wait
for hours and hours
oh no, our love will last forever

Why do you go now baby
I thought that we just maybe
stay together you and I
you and I

Take my arm
and pull me up
then you'll know
what you have got
oh no, our life will last forever

Take my mind
and shave this fish
to make a very
interesting dish of mine
Oooo I miss you

Why do you...

Love is holy as you can see
without love we cannot be
love is you, love is me
I love you, I hope you love me
together we're strong, and we are as one

Why do you...